More and more people, around the world, are living in countries not considered as their land.
When time of repatriation arrives, « where is home » becomes a vivid question.

Pico Iver, a British-born novelist and essayist of Indian origin raised elegantly this question in a poetic and touching TED talk:

Or direct link to TED’s website.

Nowadays, 232 millions of people ((UN statistics in 2013)), more than 3% of world population, live in other countries than their own. Many third culture kids (TCK) are born from these migrations and « where is home » can sometimes be a difficult question to answer.

Is home the land where we are born? Is it the place where we become ourself?
Is home a piece of soil or a piece of soul?

Like a talented painter, by small touches, Iver brings us to this feeling that we can be at home when we stop movement, when we aim at stillness. At the moment when we are connected to our inner-self, we feel balance, quietness and harmony … We can find home.

To all those who will go back soon to their home country,- or whatever you want to call the piece of soil where you  go back to- keep in mind Pico’s words.
Of course, new expatriates in a new location can feel the same.

I wish you a please journey on your way back home. May your new eyes be open…As Marcel Proust said :

« The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in looking with new eyes. »



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